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Welcome to Frankīs Webmaster Resource Page!

It will help you to promote your website and make some money with it.
Make use of the banner exchanges, search engine submission forms, Free4All Link list, webrings and additional promotion services and your hits surely will increase.
When you get enough hits, you should choose a sponsor for your site. But be carefull: not every free provider does allow sponsor banners except their own.

Some basic hints (NOT ordered by importance):

1) Most important for a success of a homepage is good content

You could spent money on advertising which will raise your hitrate, but without content a visitor wonīt get back to your site a second time. But if you have good content and update often, he will come back.

2) Use the "width" and "height" information for every images!

It makes it possible to read the text on your page while the images are loaded. Otherwise a surfer will stop the download and look somewhere else. People want their information fast. And only a few surfers are patient.

3) Donīt put to many banners on your page

Inpaitent people will stop the download and look for another homepage.

4) Add your URL to SearchEngines

The more the better.

5) Join a webring

That usually results in several hits a day, depending on the size of the ring and your ring-position.

6) Ask webmasters to exchange a link with your site

At least the owners of sites using free webspace accounts like from geocities or tripod
are willing to exchange links. Links to your site will slightly improve your ranking at Lycos. Take a look at my Link Swap Page !

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Questions? Comments? Let me know!

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